Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Favorites and Not Favorites

My cousin, , who writes an incredible blog and has gorgeous children by the way, posted this on her blog and I decided to copy. Feel free to let me know your "favorites and not favorites" in the comments!!!

My Favorites:
  • Summer days when my kiddos are home
  • Fresh and local fruits and veggies
  • Little girl dresses
  • All kiddos, not just my own
  • Cooking new things that EVERYONE likes
  • Singing
  • Shopping for my girls
  • Talking on the phone to Andrea
  • Talking on the phone to Sherry
  • Talking in general...LOL
  • Laughing
  • Bible Study fellowship
Not Favorites:
  • Sending kiddos to school
  • Sending my little one to kindergarten this year
  • Hearing "I'm hungry" 5 minutes after meal
  • Crabby and sassy 6 year olds
  • Coming up with ideas for dinner
  • Putting on shorts that keep getting tighter
  • Shopping for clothes for me
  • Grocery store
    Getting gas
  • Cleaning house
  • Crying