Thursday, July 22, 2010

Does Anyone's House Really Look Like This?

It appears that a toy store came in and vomited toys everywhere.

We start with Ponyville in one corner of the dining room. No kidding the toy bin is literally right next to this.
Then of course we have Littlest Pet Shop of Horrors all over my fireplace.

The doctor kit that I step on every time I walk into the living room.

Anytime I ask that they take a few minutes to clean up, the response is "we're playing with that".

I will give them credit though, they were actually playing with the Barbies. I am not kidding they ask for a new Barbie at every birthday and Christmas. I also think they have pro-created.

I know it looks like a mess to most, but really, and I mean really, I am going to miss this in a few years.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Our 1st Dance Recital

Who can believe that this toothless little angel would LOVE to get on stage and dance in front of an audience? She does...and she actually does a pretty good job.

Trust me, her coordination does not come from me. But she follows directions SO well, that she does really good.
Her dance class was small, only four girls, but that was a perfect fit.

I think Amy was a little jealous of the costume. She insists that she is going to take dance in the fall. We'll see.

Start of Summer

We have had a busy summer so far...but it is so much fun! I really HATE that July is here already which means less time before school starts. I know many people love sending their kids back to school, but I am not one of them. I like to have control over my day, and when school is in session, I no longer have control. Of course, the fact that I will be sending Amy to Kindergarten all day every day doesn't help anything, but I am determined not to think about that.

So, the girls started the summer with Fox Junior Warriorette Pom Pom Camp. They were a little unsure of it a first, but only because they had no idea what Pom Pom camp was. They learned a bunch of dances, got t-shirts and ribbons and they both even won Spirit Awards.

Funny story about those Spirit Awards. Back when my niece attended her first dancing camp, (she now dances on a competitive traveling dance team called Utopia), she was so disappointed that she wasn't chosen to win the "spirit award". I tried to take away her disappointment like any good aunt would, and I told her, "The girls that win spirit awards are the girls that can't dance. They win the awards to make them feel better." I am not sure if she believed me or not, but that little bit of advice came back and bit me, when my girls attend their first camp and win "Spirit Awards".

As usual, I have the quiet girls, and Amy was one of the younger girls, so she and this teenager (I have no idea what her name was, because neither of my girls asked her name.) clung together all week. Every time I'd get there early to watch, this girl was either carrying Amy or Amy was sitting on her lap.

They had a great week, and they are looking forward to attending again next year. Especially since their "spirit awards" were free registration for next year.