Monday, May 31, 2010

Pierced Ears

Almost 2 months ago, when Amber was on Spring Break, I told the girls we could do something special. Anything they wanted to do. Somehow the idea of pierced ears came up. Both girls were so excited. They were both going to go and get their ears pierced. It was all they talked about all night. The next morning, Amy says, "I don't want to get my ears pierced." Not shocking at all. I kept waiting for Amber to back out as well.

I called a couple of places at the mall to find out when they would have 2 people on the schedule that would be able to do ear piercings. One person to do each side at the same time. I learned that from my neighbors little girl. Grandma took the girl to get her ears pierced and came home with one pierced and there was no way she was going to sit in that chair again to have the other one done.

On the way, we stopped at a beauty school and Amber got her hair trimmed and both got manicures. They thought they were hot stuff. Then off we went to the mall. I was still waiting for Amber to back out. We went in, she sat down while they marked her ears, and boom they punched those earrings through. Not a tear in her eye.
She did so good keeping them clean and turning them. She is a bit obsessive with rules like that. She was SO excited when it finally came time to change them. So Dave and I, loaded the girls into the car and went to 3 different stores before she picked out the "perfect" earrings. Once we got home, we decided to change them out. If I knew now what I didn't know then...YIKES! Amber is so skittish anyway, then add to that the fact that she was an ear infection baby and had her tubes removed in the ENT's office with the doctor, a nurse and myself holding her down. ANYTHING that has to do with her ears is a hairy situation.

So the starter earrings are a little tougher to get out than I remember, but I got one out without too many tears. Amber insisted that we put the dolphin earrings in that she pick out, but more about that later. For some crazy reason I let her have all control. MISTAKE! Once she was given control there was NO WAY she was giving up...even if it meant sitting in the bathroom and sobbing for more than an hour. Which is exactly what she did. I stood back and patiently waited until she called me for help. I also gently reminded her that if she wanted my help all she had to do was ask. At some point she decided she didn't want the dolphin in after all, but she wanted the starters back in, in all her hysteria, I cold have cared less as long as this was all done. Long story of the starters got dropped down the drain in the level of hysteria intervened, mom got dolphin earrings in.

Lessons learned: 1. Don't give Amber more control than she can handle. 2. Dolphin earrings have fins that will poke into ears and cause nasty issues on little girls who wear their earrings too tight. 3. You can't see earrings from the front if your little girls has chuncky cheeks.

P.S. I have pictures on my phone that I cannot figure out how to upload onto my blog.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Making Friends

I have wondered, since my girls were born, what kind of friends they would have. I was never one that had tons of friends, I was not the popular girl by any means. I did make some really good friends when I was in college. That is probably why I love that time in my life. But I am getting off the point. More often than not, I hung out with my sister's friends, who then became my friends. Over the past few years, I have learned that I really need my own friends. While I think it is very important for Amber and Amy to be friends with one another and play well together, I also think they need their own friends.

This past school year the girls both made friends with some really cute girls. Amber had play dates with a couple of girls from her class. One of which started calling her "Ambie", which I found hilarious. She was also really good friends with the boys in her class. Near the end of the school year, she started playing a lot with Presley. Presley, is an adorable little girl who is smart as a whip. She is VERY knowledgeable in regards to dinosaurs. Which has led Amber to be obsessed with dinosaurs. Everything we do now is dinosaur related in some way. Amber and Presley were partners on the field trip that their Kindergarten class took to Grant's Farm. In the picture, Presley was apparently Amber's pet Billy Goat. So, here it is summer time, and Amber's obsession with dinosaurs continues.

Amy on the other hand, waited until the very end of the year to really befriend a sweet little girl in her class named Ava. She even invited Ava to her birthday party. Amy insists on holding Ava's had everywhere. I haven't really seen them have any conversations, but I am assuming that they do. Amy is pretty quiet, so for her to make a friend, it is a big deal. The bad news is that Ava and Amy will not be going to the same school next year. I will definitely have to keep the play dates going with Miss Ava.

Busy, busy, busy...

The month of May was an extremely busy one for us. I am going to try to get caught up with this blog over the next few days. I'll just give you a quick run down of all the things that we finished out.

*Amy and I finished BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) for the year. I will go back in September, but it will be by myself since both of the girls will be in school. I am also going back as a Children's Teaching Leader. So, I had to start my training for that at the conclusion of this year. It is an awesome Bible study, in case you are looking for a study that will give you in depth and personal applications straight out of the Bible. Next year, we are studying the book of Isaiah.

*For Mother's day, we went to the Botanical Garden. It was a fun day and I got some cute pictures of the girls. I will post more about that day later.

*Amy's birthday came and went, as did her birthday party, and a visit from Grandma and Grandpa.

*Amber graduated from Kindergarten, and Amy from Preschool.

*Dave had a birthday and wow...we are already at the end of May.
(Just FYI, both birthdays, both graduations, and about 100 other things all happened in the last week.)