Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Head Injury

While Amy has had her fair share of ER visits, Amber has not.  Amy, my daring second child, broke her finger and had five stitches at 7 months old.  Amy has had a few sick ER visits as well.  But Amber, my ever-cautious child, has not been to the ER, not even a sick visit.  That was until a few weeks ago. 

While enjoying one of the last nice days of the season, just getting ready to wrap things up to come in for dinner.  Amber tripped and hit her head on this rock (see top corner of old picture).

I saw her come up holding her head, and was ready for serious blood.  Surprisingly, there was not a lot of blood, but her head was cut open.  She handled it pretty well, until I mentioned that we needed to go to the hospital.  

We were seen very quickly at the hospital.  The nurses and triage were so nice.  She was shaking, I think out of nervousness and the chill, so they brought her a warmed blanket.
As it turned out, no stitches were necessary, just some glue.  The doctor cleaned her up, glued her boo-boo closed and we were on our way.  Here she is with a freshly glued head!