Friday, March 19, 2010

Donating Cookies

So the Daisy Girls Scout Cookie sales are done. YEA!!! Actually for me it wasn't that bad. Amber didn't sell many, well actually I sold them all. But that is beside the point. When I decided to be the Daisy Leader, it was because I thought it was something Amber would really enjoy (but not without her mama). She does love it, and to tell you the truth, so do I. I have a troop of 15 girls, 10 kindergartners and 5 first graders. All are great girls. I love when I go up to school and I hear little girls voices yelling to me, "Hi Ms. Milli!" or they run up to hug me, it is just so sweet!

Back to Girl Scout Cookies, one of the programs that the cookie sales offers is called "Gifts of Caring". This is for those people who want to buy cookies from the girls, but don't really want/need the cookies. Those cookies can be donated. If the girl sells 10 boxes of Gift of Caring cookies, they earn a patch. Now I have to make a confession, I bought all 10 boxes of Amber's Gift of Caring cookies. But really, there was a lesson to be taught here. Of course, I explained to her why I bought them, but we didn't get cookies. There is also one other little girl in our troop that sold 10 boxes of Gift of Caring cookies. (Her mom just happens to be the cookie manager for our troop. HA HA!) We chose to donate the 20 boxes of cookies to the Saline Valley Fire Department.

So, tonight we took the two girls to the fire department to deliver their cookies after school.

Both were VERY excited. I cannot tell you what a rewarding experience this was for the girls and myself. The firemen were so thankful.

They gave the girls both a plastic fire helmet.

They showed off the fire truck, opening EVERY cabinet and explaining what every tool was used for.

Then they took us on a ride in the fire truck around the block. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!! Once we got back from our ride, they took us on a tour of the firehouse, show us the kitchen, bunk rooms, chiefs office, you name it, we saw it.

Since my dad is a retired firefighter, this was stuff that I got to do on a regular basis as a kid. But I never realized until today what a treat that was. I am so thankful to those guys for making those two little girls feel so welcome and giving them such an awesome experience.

So, next year when you buy your cookies from your local and favorite girl scout, throw in an extra package for the "Gift of Caring". Not only are the recipients of the cookies very thankful, but it teaches the girls selling the cookies so great lessons.

Friday, March 12, 2010


I LOVE Reading. I read every night before I go to bed. It doesn't matter what it is...fiction, non-fiction, self-help, mysteries, chick-lit, Christian fiction, you name it I will read it. Right now I have been stuck on Francine Rivers, she is a christian fiction writer, and her stories are so pure and life applicable.

Dave likes to read his magazines and the newspaper, but he doesn't really read books. I am hoping that my love for reading is passed onto the girls. Amber started reading when she was 3. She is an awesome reader. She reads for 20 minutes each night as a part of her homework from school, and sometimes even more. On this particular night she was reading to Amy while Dave and I got our showers. (Amy really was paying attention, until I go the camera out.) I LOVE how snuggled up they are and that Amber would read whatever Amy chose. Such a sweet big sister.

(Sorry about the blurry pictures. I am clueless when it comes to my camera. )

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Club

Amber's little friend Kelsey came over after school one day last week. They are very sweet, because they allow Amy to play with them. Last week, they were downstairs in the playroom. I of course check on them periodically, but they were quiet and not getting into anything, just busy playing. When it was almost time for Kelsey to go home, I came down to this on the playroom door.

I also found a document opened in Microsoft Word on the old computer that says:




314 art (apparently that is the room number where the club meets)

They each had a little piece of construction paper with their names on it, which is apparently the membership card.

I think I found this so funny, because my sister and I, along with my cousin were always making clubs. They usually involved spying on the neighbors, or bike riding tricks or something crazy. I don't remember us being this young though. I told Amber about my clubs tonight (maybe a mistake). She said their club was: a spying and sneaking club. I guess as long as I keep them locked in the basement, they can't do too much damage.