Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Curtain Calls

My children are the queens of Curtain Calls. In case you don't know what a "curtain call" is, it is that time after you get the kids in bed, all tucked in, said goodnight and walk away, and then it comes "MOMMMMEEE". And they need something, anything, and most of the time they don't even know what it is. Usually it is a drink, or they are hungry, or a band aid for an "owie" that has miraculously popped up as soon as the lights were turned out. Last week Amber called out to me. As I came back up two flights of stairs to see what the problem was, she says to me, "It is boring in here not doing anything." Really! She called me to tell me she was bored as she was supposed to be going to sleep! Unfortunately, I am not very patient or sympathetic at bedtime. BUT, that is where Dave comes in...he is SO much better at bedtime than I. So last night, after we got the Nintendo DS put away, Amber showed me a bruise on her leg that she got while I was at a meeting. I was honestly sympathetic, I kissed it, told her it must have hurt and if she got some sleep her body could start healing it. She gets up...LIMPS to her bed...and starts whining about how bad her leg hurts. My reaction, no more sympathy, no more patience, I tell her to go to bed and walk away. I know, bad mom, but it was after 9:00 at this point. So Dave goes in...and is there with her for a few minutes, and she quiets down. I walk back by the room after he leaves and this is what I see...

Of course, that wasn't the end of it...suddenly Amy's knee hurts. It is now Dave's problem. Here is what I find on her.

Amy's leg brace only lasted a few minutes, but Amber has a much more stubborn personality. She had to unwrap her leg when I woke her this morning.

Monday, February 8, 2010

It is not fun to be sick

We have not had a healthy start to this year. Amber started us off a few weeks ago with a double ear infection. Then a week later the stomach flu, which she so graciously shared with Amy last week. Friday night, Amber and I were back at the urgent care with another ear infection.
Since the girls have been sick and each one very helpful when the other is sick, Dave took them to Target to pick out one new game for their Nintendo DS. Of course they didn't agree on ONE game initially, so he offhandedly says, "Get sick again and then you can come back and get another".
Fast forward to breakfast this morning. I gave them each a half of a banana with breakfast. They both looked at me like I had gone completely nuts. I told them, we are going to eat more fruits and vegetables so that we can be more healthy and not get sick again. Amy looks at me and says, "I'm not eating this." Of course, I ask her why, since bananas are one of the few fruits she will eat. She tells me, "I want to get sick again." I of course look at her like she is crazy. And she finishes with, "Then I can get a new DS game."
Way to go dad! Hopefully, we are done with illness for a little while.

Monday, February 1, 2010

What do I do?

I can remember talking to an old friend right after I had Amy, Amber was 19 months old, and I had just left work to become a stay-at-home mom. My friend said to me, "Aren't you going to be bored?" At that time, if I wasn't changing diapers on one or both girls at the same time, I was feeding one or both girls at the same time, or trying to get them down for a nap. Boredom never was a problem...TRUST ME!

As the girls have now gotten a little older and are not as needy as they once were, I have branched out to do some other things "to keep me from getting bored". HA HA!!!

So here is a rundown of what I do to keep me from boredom:
  • Part-time teacher at Gymboree Play and Music - Wednesday Evenings and Saturday Mornings
  • Girls Scout Daisy Leader - 1st and 3rd Monday Evenings, also neighborhood meetings once per month
  • Bible Study Fellowship - Tuesday Mornings
  • Bible Study Fellowship Children's Program Volunteer - 2 Tuesdays each month
  • MOPS - 1st and 3rd Friday mornings
  • MOPS Steering Team Member - Meetings once a month in the evenings
  • Room Parent
  • Subdivision Trustee
  • Driver - Amber to school and back everyday, Amy to and from school on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, Amy to gymnastics on Thursdays, Amber to dance on Tuesday evenings

I think that is all. Believe it or not I really do love everything that I do, OK maybe with the exception of being a subdivision trustee. But that is just because I have to listen to adults complain and not just kids...HA!

The question that I have been pondering to myself is: What am I going to do next year when Amy is in school full-time as well? As you can see, I really don't have time to work. LOL I will just spend a lot of time praying over it and see where God's plan leads me. No matter where it is, I am sure I will not be BORED!